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“Beautiful inside and out… it’s not just an expression.

Taking care of your body is necessary to feel good and beautiful. We can act in various ways, but knowing what works best for us is recommended.
A day in the gym cannot change our body, and even less our appearance, but a healthy life and constant commitment allow us to achieve excellent results.
To be more beautiful, toned, and healthier, it’s taken to know how to choose the best approach to be or get in shape!
Various and innovative aesthetic treatments can define a better silhouette and the external appearance of our body. A deeper approach, instead, can transform our bodies and make us feel better and better.
Below are the recommended beauty treatments for a more beautiful body.
Discover with the doctor the most suitable treatments for your body at a meeting in her studio.

Recommended treatments:

CARBOXYTHERAPY oxygenates the skin and significantly reduces cellulite.

This technique uses carbon dioxide administered in the gaseous state. It is a specific machine that acts subcutaneously or intradermally using imperceptible needles.
It is functional for all chronic pathologies related to microcirculation or for giving better oxygenation to the tissues, such as in the cases of:

  • cellulite and adiposity located on the belly, buttocks, legs, and arms
  • skin aging of different parts of the body
  • stretch marks

The number and duration of the sessions vary according to the disorder and the size of the area to be treated (usually ten sessions lasting from 20 to 40 minutes).

Advantages: carboxytherapy treatments also have a purifying effect as they promote the drainage of excess liquids and the disposal of toxins. It’s a non-invasive technique and doesn’t require you to respect a seasonal calendar.

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BIOSTIMULATION for efficacious nourishment of the skin over time.

A technique that reactivates the biological functions of the skin and releases substances into the dermis that give tone, elasticity, and freshness to the skin, with stunning results.
The active ingredients used for biostimulation are hyaluronic acid, some indispensable amino acids, and a selection of the most effective vitamins to combat skin aging. The procedure involves the injection of these substances under the epidermis of the wrinkle with thin and short needles that do not cause discomfort.

Advantages: the results, especially on the face, neck, and hands, are immediate, and the duration of the treatment increases with each session (3 sessions recommended). The treatment is perfectly tolerated by the skin and is performed in an outpatient procedure without any anesthesia.

PULSED LIGHT for a compact and luminous skin

In aesthetic medicine, it is both for skin photo rejuvenation and hair removal.
In the dermatological field, the treatment has the function of making the skin brighter and more toned.

Advantages: it is a non-ablative method, meaning that it acts without damaging the overlying epidermis and without side effects. The results are noticeable from the first session.

LASER EPILATION for a definitively smooth body

Fight unwanted hair with specific and innovative equipment.
Diode laser is a treatment with a progressive and permanent action that exploits the principle of selective photothermolysis (light energy emitted, captured by melanin, and transformed into heat) by acting only on the hair bulb.
This type of laser does not disperse its energy on the surrounding tissues, which also benefits the skin’s health, which is not affected in any way.

Advantages: the treatment is simple, fast, and painless. It is more effective than other treatments.

LASER THERAPY for the definitive elimination of spots and skin marks.

It is a particular therapeutic technique that uses the effects of the energy generated by laser beams to obtain a biochemical response at the cell membrane, which safely corrects a large number of skin imperfections.
Excellent solution for sunspots, unwanted hair, tattoos, scars, and skin imperfections.
Specialist doctors and specific equipment must execute the treatment guaranteeing fast therapeutic and aesthetic results.

Advantages: each treatment has a recovery time of 5 to 10 days.There are few cutting-edge technologies in this field, and our studio offers some specific ones for the removal of spots, tattoos, dermatological lesions (moles, fibroids, keratoses, scars), and vascular lesions (angiomas, capillaries on the face, neck, and décolleté ).

RADIOFREQUENCY to firm up face and body

It contrasts different types of blemishes and fights skin aging. Aesthetic radiofrequency treatments are non-invasive, and thanks to the use of particular medical machines, they generate electromagnetic waves.
In fact, radiofrequency allows you to heat the tissues in-depth, stimulating collagen production and obtaining compact and luminous skin. It is especially indicated above all to reduce and counteract the imperfections of time and the loss of elasticity of the tissues, like stretch marks and cellulite.

Advantages: it does not require invasive instruments such as needles, anesthesia, scalpels, and other instruments typical of cosmetic surgery. 7/10 sessions are enough to obtain results that last two months, while one monthly booster session keeps the results stable.

MESOTHERAPY to eliminate orange peel skin.

It is a particular technique highly appreciated in the aesthetic and medical fields. It contrasts the imperfections of cellulite, helping to eliminate the stagnation of liquids and fat deposits. It is successfully used in combination with diet and exercise.
It is an intradermal injection therapy, which consists of administrating drugs through thin needles that allow you to reach the mesoderm (middle-deep layer of the skin), thus acting on the tissues more effectively.

Advantages: it is not an invasive and painful technique and has a long-lasting effect.

LPG for tissue oxygenating.

It is a technique particularly suitable for naturally regenerating connective tissue and therefore improving the surface of our skin, making it healthier and smoother. The treatment allows you to:

  • eliminate fats through a mechanical massage that lets to thin the areas of the arms, abdomen, waist, thighs, and back,
  • smooths out cellulite,
  • firms the skin of those patients who tend to lose skin firmness.
  • It gives lightness to the legs in case of poor blood circulation that causes heavy, aching legs, besides the swelling of the ankles and feet.

Advantages: it improves oxygenation, vascularization, and skin drainage, helping to eliminate toxins. The results are visible immediately and last over time.

Intralipotherapy… to combat localized fat deposits.

It is an infiltration technique of injectable solutions developed to treat localized fat. The injected solution, containing ascorbic acid, ferric iron, and 2% anesthetic, causes the lysis of the adipocytes (adipocytolysis) to reduce the number of adipocytes using direct injections (in a radial pattern) into the fat tissue with a flexible needle cannula.

It is an innovative method because it respects the physiology of our body since apoptosis is a devoid inflammation process unable to cause an inflammatory response.

It is possible to treat the volumetric excess of specific areas such as:

  • Arm
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Inner thigh
  • Culotte de Cheval
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Under the chin region (double chin).

The treatment is not very painful. At most, you could feel swelling, redness, burning, and slight compression pain in the treated area.

The average number of sessions is established according to the surface and the thickness to treat. Generally, 4-6 sessions every 15 days complete the treatment of a zone.

The first results are visible for most patients after 2-3 weeks from the first session.

The treatment of localized fat deposits is performed based on the method and protocol devised by Prof. Maurizio Ceccarelli.

Advantages: Reduced useful injection sites compared to other injection treatments, and the appearance of bruising is proportionally reduced. After the treatment, the patient can conduct and immediately resume daily activities.

Intralipotherapy represents an effective alternative for the non-surgical treatment of localized fat deposits in all those subjects who do not intend to undergo liposuction surgery. This method does not replace surgery but constitutes a valid and more accessible alternative.

PT age program for complete and long-lasting cellular rejuvenation

Discover all the professionalism and paths you can take to finally feel good and have a healthy body in great shape – both inside and out.
An exclusive program of the PT studio medical office in Milan. More than a free specialist visit to find the fastest, most comfortable, and ideal route for you.
Among the various specialization courses, you will be able to access the paths of:

  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Systemic-Functional Naturopathy
  • Iridology and Nutrition
  • Integrative Chinese Medicine
  • Personal trainer
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