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Philosophy – Gentle Aesthetic Medicine

Thanks to her interdisciplinary path, Paola Tarantino has become an Ambassador of Gentle Aesthetic Medicine at the service of Wellness. Paola Tarantino takes care of the patient not only from an aesthetic point of view but at 360 °. Analyzing all aspects of beauty, especially those generally related to well-being, is essential to identify the treatments that best suit the individual patient. A balanced lifestyle, healthy diet, and regular physical activity are the basis of the virtuous circle of Wellness that re-balances and re-generates our body. It is when these elements work together harmoniously and with the right synergy that beauty shines through and manifests itself in its fullness.

Her work is based on enhancing the beauty of each woman, respecting her physiognomic and somatic traits: not a different woman, but the same woman in her best form. Her approach is holistic. Her goal is to bring out the beauty already living with us without masking it or replacing it with something artificial.

In line with this approach, the Facial Rejuvenation Protocols, as well as the treatments for the correction of skin imperfections for the improvement of bodily features, follow the Principle of Naturalness which must enhance the physiognomic characteristics of each patient with the use of minimally invasive methodologies such as hemical peels to improve the quality of the skin, blemishes, and acne; filler based on hyaluronic acid, traction threads, and Botox for elegant and natural facial rejuvenation. But that’s not all: the ability to listen and the sensitivity to the needs of each patient make Paola the ideal Beauty Coach to express the best version of yourself in total serenity.

Why gentle?

This term contains three elements:

Ethics – respect for the patient through listening, caring, and giving attention. But mainly, the ability and competence to refuse requests not compliant with the well-being and beauty of the individual patient.

Sustainability: non-invasive treatments whose only purpose is to improve and revitalize without ever distorting.

Professionalism: respect for patient privacy. Gentle Aesthetic Medicine does not show faces, does not expose parts of the body, and does not boast a “before” and an “after”. On the contrary, it illustrates and explains the path: how we started, where we want to arrive, and the modus operandi to act in favor of well-being. Wellness brings beauty!

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