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The light that regenerates
The fight against photoaging can be countered with a non-invasive method that improves the dermis and the epidermis.

Beauty Remedies – Cold is an enemy of the skin.
The Winter, with its harsh temperatures and sudden thermal changes, threatens the health and, above all, the most exposed zone of our body, the one that defends us: the skin.

Change of season
Strip off the greyness and prepare your face and body for the coming summer: mark your diary PEELING AND SCRUB to let your skin breathe and make it more receptive to the ingredients of your usual beauty routine.

Cold and soft beauty treatments
If winter stresses your skin with redness and irritation, you can act thanks to gentle aesthetic medicine. The expert explains the most suitable solutions to us.

Question (and answer): what does it mean to have asphyxiated skin?
From cleansing oil to chemical peels, how to oxygenate a grey, dull, and understimulated epidermis.

Beauty tricks to combat stretch marks during pregnancy.
From oil to gel cream, our top 5 to combat stretch marks before, during, and after pregnancy.

Soothing and uniforming, the best creams for skin with couperose
From calming creams to vascular lasers, skincare remedies to combat/eliminate redness and dilated capillaries.

The best skincare products based on Centella Asiatica, super food for the skin
Our top 5 tiger grass formulations for hydrated, soothed, protected, and regenerated skin.

The 2022 skincare ingredients to focus on according to K-Beauty.
From artemisia to Centella passing through bee venom, the Asian beauty elixirs

Moisturising, soothing and detoxifying, the multi-tasking cosmetic use of hemp oil
#6 emollient, nourishing, natural, sensual and super cocoon hemp oil treatments.

Soothing, calming, and delicate, the best creams for skin with couperose
From lenitive skincare to vascular lasers come remedies to normalize reddened facial skin or with dilated capillaries

Safe retouching
In aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery treatment, the choice of specialist is crucial. A way for orientation.

It’s time for a change.
A burst of energy is the panacea for eliminating thickening, dullness, and bearings and facing the new season of self-full esteem.

The ideal beauty strategy for not arriving unprepared for the costume test.
From the ambassador of gentle aesthetic medicine, the skin–face–body beauty program to get ready in time for the spring/summer season.

Sensitive skin in winter: from laser to biostimulation, treatments to protect it
How to protect sensitive skin when temperatures touch the minimum? In addition to a specific beauty routine, we find minimally invasive treatments that help fight dehydration, dry skin, and Couperose.

Don’t let your skin play with the cold.
You can play in advance, choosing specific treatments to better face environmental attacks without creating discomfort to the face.

Skin in Winter: how to avoid irritation when the cold arrives.
To protect it, in addition to good hydration, specific ointments, lasers, and biostimulation can be used.

Skin diseases that come with the cold
Harsh climates and sudden temperature changes threaten our natural “protection” by causing or worsening pathologies such as chilblains, atopic dermatitis, keratosis pilaris, and Couperose. Here’s how to prevent and treat them.

Scars – now it’s easier to get rid of them.
Goodbye to unsightly marks on the face and body. With patience, it is possible to smooth and regenerate the skin after accidents or surgery.

Aesthetic medicine: the “gentle” treatments of Winter.
They help counteract redness, cracking, and irritation caused by cold and smog. Softly and with sure results.

Treatments for sensitive skin to enrich winter skincare.
An excellent home routine is not enough. Skin care treatment against the cold needs expert hands.

We asked an aesthetic doctor what are (and will be) the most requested treatments (and why)
An empirical study of a Society in Pursuit of Beauty

No fake faces, yes to naturalness: gentle aesthetic medicine
This is the new frontier of ethical and sustainable beauty.

After the suntan, yes, but don’t forget the mapping of hidden moles at the end of summer.
A visit to the dermatologist and a skin analysis allows you to find suspicious melanomas in time.

Gentle Medicine versus Selfie Dysmorphia, to get to 50 like Jennifer Lopez
We asked Paola Tarantino, aesthetic doctor, and dermatologist, to explain the meaning of the “ethical approach to retouching”.

Melanoma: symptoms, risks, and prevention. Dermatologist advice
Doctor Paola Tarantino, Aesthetic Doctor, and Dermatologists explain the dangers of incorrect exposure to the sun and how to prevent melanoma.

Post-holiday beauty, targeted treatments from bio revitalization to chemical peeling.
Minimally invasive mesotherapy and carboxytherapy for the body

Tanning: precautions to use with the first sun
How to prepare your skin to enjoy the benefits of UV rays without taking risks

Summer, SOS sun and beauty routine: expert advice for returning from vacation.
Summertime is synonymous with relaxation and fun for the body and mind, but the same cannot be said for the skin.

Linda Evangelista and Cryolipolysis: what happened, and the treatment explained by an Expert.
From the posted complaint on Linda Evangelista’s social networks, the cryolipolysis treatment is at the center of attention due to the possible side effects.

Hemp seed oil, the skincare ingredient that soothes and pampers the skin.
From serum to booster through dry oil for the body #7 nourishing, emollient, natural hemp oil treatments.

Exfoliating, uniforming, and illuminating face creams.
The best skin care protocols to fight dyschromia are described by the dermatologist.

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