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….Our face tells more than we want to say….

A well-groomed visage says a lot about us, but also a neglected visage talks about us…
Having a bright and healthy face makes us feel better about ourselves. We only need to know which treatments to do.
Our visage is like an open book and shows our age, mood, and often our history without embarrassment. To preserve and protect it from aging, giving it a “new” youth and good harmony, there are treatments that act naturally but effectively.
Discover with the doctor the most suitable treatments for your face with a meeting at her studio.

Recommended treatments:

HYALURONIC ACID for immediate rejuvenation

It consistently reduces wrinkles and skin blemishes. Moreover, it is an indispensable molecule to create and supports the structure of our skin, and it naturally increases collagen and elastin.
It is naturally present in the body. This makes it biocompatible and well-tolerated. Over time, the production of hyaluronic acid begins to decrease, causing a slowdown in skin metabolism and the consequent loss of tissue volume.
Thanks to invisible injections, serenity is given to the face, rejuvenating the tissues and also acting on specific parts such as lips to restore fullness and turgidity or correct their volumes; wrinkles to reduce the signs of aging on the forehead and around the eyes; as well as reshaping the cheekbones, cheeks, chin, and jawline.
There are multiple consistencies of acid. The use of the proper density makes a big difference in the result. We also use this technique in our studio to reduce post-acne or post-traumatic scars.

Advantages: the results, especially on the face, neck, and hands, are immediate, and the duration of the treatment increases with each session (3 sessions recommended). The treatment is perfectly tolerated by the skin and is performed in an outpatient procedure without any anesthesia.

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BIOSTIMULATION for efficacious nourishment of the skin over time.

A technique that reactivates the biological functions of the skin and releases substances into the dermis that give tone, elasticity, and freshness to the skin, with stunning results.
The active ingredients used for biostimulation are hyaluronic acid, some indispensable amino acids, and a selection of the most effective vitamins to combat skin aging. The procedure involves the injection of these substances under the epidermis of the wrinkle with thin and short needles that do not cause discomfort.

Advantages: the results, especially on the face, neck, and hands, are immediate, and the duration of the treatment increases with each session (3 sessions recommended). The treatment is perfectly tolerated by the skin and is performed in an outpatient procedure without any anesthesia.

BOTULINO for a deep treatment and an immediate result

Ideal for the treatment of expression lines and for eliminating small facial wrinkles.
It consists of injecting a drug that blocks the action of the thin mimic muscle that causes wrinkles. This technique prevents and reduces the formation of unsightly expression wrinkles shortly, especially in the upper part of the visage: the forehead, the periocular region, and the wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Advantages: the effects last up to four or five months, relating to the patient. It does not require anesthesia. The result is natural because the botulinum toxin does not alter the natural physiognomy of the face.

Botox versus Filler: Botox is used to eliminate expression wrinkles (also called dynamic), while fillers are particularly suitable for static wrinkles resulting from natural skin aging.

TRACTION Yarns for a lifting effect

Ideal for “lifting” the face and neck, they are an excellent alternative for those who want a younger look immediately, without having to face a proper surgical facelift with consequent healing time.
Although they are surgical traction wires, this treatment is performed at the clinic, no anesthesia is required, and no cuts are made.
The procedure is simple. In fact, after having identified the zone to be treated, subtle, hypoallergenic, and biocompatible threads are inserted, which will remain inside the fabric, determining not only the expected lifting effect but also a constant stimulus for the production of endogenous collagen, the cause of rejuvenation and increased skin elasticity. Surgical threads are cutting-edge treatments and should only be performed by medical professionals. The degree of traction is linked to the number of threads used, their gauge, and the implant site. The strands absorb themselves within 6-8 months.

Advantages: fast without causing any trauma or pain. Non-invasive, so there is no post-operative hospitalization and no risk. The zones to be treated are the face, neck, inner arms, abdomen, inner thighs, and buttocks.

KLERESCA® to transform your skin from within

It is a biophotonic treatment that can stimulate the skin at a cellular level generating a dynamic, pulsating, and fluorescent light.
The Kleresca® biophotonic platform offers non-invasive treatments for therapeutic and aesthetic targets aimed at reducing inflammation, increasing collagen production, and normalizing cellular activity, all with high safety and efficacy.
Choose Kleresca® for the following treatments:

  • Acne treatment offers high efficacy for patients suffering from acne, especially with inflamed lesions, even for moderate to severe cases.
    It can be applied to different zones, such as the face, back, and chest.
  • Rosacea treatment is a non-invasive treatment specially designed to combat the signs and symptoms of rosacea, using fluorescent light energy that penetrates the various layers of the skin and activates its healing mechanisms.
  • Skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive biophotonic skin rejuvenation treatment. It works, in a pleasant way, by stimulating the natural biological processes of the skin to improve the complexion and the overall quality of the skin. Particularly suitable for the face, hands, neck, and décolleté zones.

Advantages: it is a non-invasive technique with high safety and effectiveness.

FILLER to correct face volumes

Needle instead of a scalpel, with surprising results

An excellent solution to combat the signs of aging and skin blemishes without resorting to a scalpel is given by fillers, with which we can fill in wrinkles and reshape the face zones.
Discover with the doctor the most suitable treatments for your skin with a meeting in the studio.

  • Lip
  • Rhinofiller
  • Global face remodeling

Fillers are an infiltration technique that inserts substances into the dermis or subcutaneous tissue capable of increasing and correcting the volumes of the zone concerned. They are used to correct skin imperfections, retouch facial blemishes such as wrinkles or scars, and restore facial volume by giving it harmony.
Fillers are not all the same, and knowing the differences is essential. There are absorbable fillers to counteract wrinkles by ensuring a wholly natural “soft lifting” effect. Some fillers are specially used to increase the volume of the lips and treat surgical scars or scars caused by acne.
The process is simple and consists of practicing one or more micro-injections in the affected area. After the injection, a massage of the affected area is performed, and the session will thus be concluded.

Advantages: no surgery or incisions are required, non-invasive technique. It is not a painful treatment, but a local anesthetic is used as a precaution. Advantages: it is a non-invasive technique with high safety and efficacy.


Lips are one of the most sensitive zones of the face to treat, as each of us has a particular shape that must not be altered. Therefore, you have a good result when you can reduce defects without upsetting the structure. Lip fillers are performed by injecting a specific hyaluronic acid into the dermis, where it is necessary to give volume and tone, using syringes equipped with thin needles.
Injecting the filler is not an invasive operation. It doesn’t require anesthesia but must be performed only and exclusively by specialist doctors.


It is an aesthetic treatment that allows you to improve the nose’s appearance without practicing cosmetic surgery.
Subcutaneous injections of hyaluronic acid are performed to fill uneven areas or relax the muscles of the treated area, thus correcting humps or slightly lifting the tip or base of the nose.
It is important to remember that the rhino-filler is not suitable for correcting problems of nose reduction or deviation of the nasal septum to be performed by expert and competent doctors to avoid permanent damage.


It consists in restoring the volume of the face by correcting its defects.
It acts directly on the contours of the face (chin, jaw arch, lower eyelid, nose, temples) that must be harmonized to give a new, more regular appearance.
The doctor intervenes using, depending on the result to be achieved, hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite, with needles or microcannulas.

CHEMICAL PEELING for a long-lasting smoothing effect.

Very effective for treating various problems related to the skin and for cell regeneration by removing and exfoliating dead cells. This treatment must be performed only by specialist doctors because it can cause severe damage to the skin if managed by inexperienced hands. It is called a chemical because it is formulated with exfoliating acids whose use and way of treatment are to be known. Peelings allow the elimination of fine and superficial wrinkles, as well as the dull, opaque, and wrinkled texture on the back, décolleté, hands, and arms.

Advantages: this technique can be performed by combining other aesthetic treatments for skin rejuvenation, such as lasers or fillers. One session of this type of peeling is enough for several years.

LASER THERAPY for the definitive elimination of skin spots and marks.

It is a particular therapeutic technique using the effects of the energy generated by laser beams to obtain a biochemical response in correspondence with the cell membrane, which safely corrects many skin blemishes.
An excellent solution for sunspots, unwanted hair, tattoos, scars, and skin blemishes.
The treatment must be performed by specialist doctors who can handle special equipment to guarantee fast therapeutic and aesthetic results.

Advantages: each treatment has a recovery time of 5 to 10 days. There are few cutting-edge technologies in this field, and our studio offers some specific ones for the removal of spots, tattoos, dermatological lesions (moles, fibroids, keratoses, scars), and vascular lesions (angiomas, capillaries on the face, neck, and décolleté).

RADIOFREQUENCY to firm up the face and body.

It contrasts different types of blemishes and fights skin aging. Aesthetic radiofrequency treatments are non-invasive, and thanks to the use of medical machines, they generate electromagnetic waves.
In fact, radiofrequency allows you to heat the tissues in-depth, stimulating the production and obtaining compact and luminous skin. Particularly indicated above all to reduce and counteract the imperfections of time, the loss of elasticity of the tissues, as well as stretch marks and cellulite

Advantages: it does not require using invasive instruments such as needles, anesthesia, scalpels, and other instruments typical of cosmetic surgery. After 7/10 treatments, it’s possible to get results lasting up to 2 months, and a single monthly booster session will keep the results stable.

DEPIGMENTING MASKS for an immediate lightening effect

An easy and fast outpatient treatment to combat skin spots – an increasingly widespread phenomenon, especially among women. It includes a first phase of cleansing and pre-peeling and the subsequent application of the mask.
The substances applied to the face will act for the following 5/10 hours (for darker prototypes). After rinsing, the skin will appear smooth and smooth. Over time the result is homogeneous and spotless skin.

Advantages: the treatment does not cause burning or discomfort and can be performed at any time of the year, even in Summer.

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